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Our Mission

We, in Ballygarvan National School, support the philosophy of learning based on the general aims of primary education as stated in the Primary School Curriculum:

  • To develop each child’s potential to the full
  • To encourage a love of learning
  • To help children develop skills they will use all their lives


We are a school under the patronage of the Roman Catholic bishop of Cork and Ross and we value the sacramental preparation for the First Holy Communion and Confirmation. However, respect for all religions and none is paramount in our school and children from non-Catholic backgrounds are welcome.

In addition, it is our aim to promote the holistic growth of each child incorporating the spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural and physical development of our pupils.  We seek to create a safe and supportive environment and to provide a general education which both fosters self-esteem and embodies high academic standards.

We recognise that the overall growth of the child best takes place in a positive learning environment, where the atmosphere is one of openness and friendliness. This will enable children to develop personally and socially and to relate to others with understanding and respect. Therefore, within each class and throughout the school, we strive to create a strong sense of community so that each child feels valued and included.

To achieve our aim of creating a strong sense of belonging in each child, we strive to acknowledge the variety of needs and learning abilities among the pupils and endeavour to strike a balance between an academic core and the provision of a wide range of other important learning experiences including information technology, sport and the arts. Children are given opportunities to explore and share their talents throughout the wider school community. Frequent special weekly events, and student assemblies and displays, are commonplace to allow such talents be showcased to the entire school.

In addition, the school seeks to maintain friendly collaboration and a good working rapport with all parents. We work in partnership with parents and encourage their involvement in their children’s schooling and through the efforts and support of our Parents Association.

The school promotes gender equity among teachers and pupils. The school will strive to promote, both individually and collectively, the professional and personal development of teachers through designated development programmes and inter-staff communication.   The staff of the school aspire to be co-operative, approachable, tolerant, motivated, caring, resourceful and committed to supporting and nurturing the pupils in their care. We endeavour to treat children and others fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect, in maintaining an inclusive school culture.

We also pride ourselves as a school in our green ethos, promoting a long-term whole school action for the environment through our involvement in the Green-Schools programme, and aim to instill in our pupils an appreciation and understanding of local and worldwide environmental issues.

Tá áit faoi leith ag teanga agus cultúr na Gaeilge i dtraidisiún na scoile. We recognise the place of Irish language and culture in the traditions of our school. Our school motto, ‘Fás Trí Fhoghlaim’ underpins the work that goes on in the school on a daily basis.

Finally, learning is not necessarily a race to the finish where the prize goes to the fastest learner. We recognise that everyone learns at his or her own pace, and also through his or her own ways.  Some learn better through visual aids, others may prefer aural modalities.  These learning styles influence the way we learn, and employing or developing the appropriate strategies to aid one’s learning will boost each child’s level of comprehension and motivation, and aid life-long learning.

In the words of the renowned educationalist and philosopher, Mortimer Adler:

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.